Stef Animal ‘Spooky House’ album release w/ Ducklingmonster – 7/12/2019

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Stef Animal, acclaimed by Bandcamp Daily as a leading example of Oceanic Vaporwave, is celebrating the release of their new game/album, ‘Spooky House’.

The vaporwave grouping is one which Stef Animal disputes, despite the acclaim. “I’m not sure I can be called a vaporwave artist as such,” she says, “but the music I make definitely shares some aspects of the vaporwave schtick: specifically the backwards-looking, technology-focused, deep-nostalgia emotional trip that vaporwave does so well.”

Where many vaporwave artists fetishize old technology, Stef Animal wholeheartedly embraces it, limitations and all. Each track employs a different vintage instrument that had been languishing in her studio—among them, a Casio MT-800, an Atari 2600, and an ‘80s Commodore Amiga computer—which gives each song a distinct sound. The album is tied together by Animal’s intricate composition style, and an atmosphere that evokes ‘80s sci-fi soundtracks.


At the event, Stef Animal will be joined by Ducklingmonster.


Saturday 7 December @ Audio Foundation, 8pm