• Altmusic presents Peter Brötzmann

    Altmusic is proud to announce Peter Brötzmann (DE) touring New Zealand throughout May in 2014!
    Tour dates and info
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  • Gary War (US) / Purple Pilgrims / Kraus

    "Heavily synthesised electronic psychedelia, musique concrete and elements of classical, progressive rock, scream punk and dance music... a modern experimental rock hybrid"
    More info
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  • Balamohan Shingade – Rāga Time Cycle

    An exhibition exploring visual representations of rāga theory in the form of sketches, drawings, diagrams and notes.
    Exhibition info
  • SoundBleed online journal

    The newest edition of the SoundBleed journal is now online with essays & reviews by Maryann Savage, Marc Matchak, Ducklingmonster and more.
    Read it here
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