SUMMER 2023 Artist In Residence: Bridget Chappell

Credit Bogong Centre for Sound Culture

We are delighted to announce that the summer artist residency at the Audio Foundation will be taken up by Mparntwe/Alice Springs-based artist, Bridget Chappell.

During their residency, Bridget, a “long time listener first time caller in Tamaki Makaurau”, will continue their artistic research into the unique social and cultural connections made possible via pirate radio platforms. They intend to fuck around and find out how many breaks broadcasting at how many frequencies it takes to flood the bandwidth. Sanctioned, small-throw transmitters are hacked to mid-throw, FM dials hopefully flooded with one long continuous break, a rave that never sees dawn.

Bridget Chappell (a bit from Aotearoa, a bit from so-called Australia) is an artist larping as a scientist working across dance music, contemporary cello, hacked sound technology, ungovernable space, hydrology, and literature. They DJ and produce music as Hextape, create data-informed sound installations, write poetry/essays/particular letters, organise workshops and DIY shows, and try to leave a trail of rave breadcrumbs wherever they go. Most recently their album ‘>:)’ (Powertrip, 2022) explores the musicality of MRIs and received critical acclaim.


Bridget is eager to work with local artists and musicians during their time in residency. Connections can be made via the Audio Foundation at, or at one of the workshop/discussion events Bridget will host during their time in situ (details regarding which will be shared shortly).

Additionally, Bridget will present a programme for radio on bFM for The Audio Foundation’s Soundbleed slot on Sunday 5 March, and will perform live at the Whammy Backroom on Thursday 9 March for Preauricular Pit.

Bridget’s residency will conclude in early March with the opening of I was in this long dark tunnel, details of which can be found here



Image credit: Bogong Centre for Sound Culture