Performing Artist in Residence – Daniel Beban

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The inaugural 2018 Audio Foundation Performance Residency artist is Wellington based musician, musicologist, organiser, and sound artist, Daniel Beban. Daniel will spend a week in residence at the Audio Foundation from May 22, performing each night alongside an array of local and international collaborators.

This programme is inspired by similar series run by the likes of New York’s legendary venue The Stone, where for up to two weeks at a time, a single artist is invited to present work in different combinations each night.


For his performance residency Daniel will present some of his longstanding bands and projects (Orchestra of Spheres, The Stinging Nettles, Microsoft Voices) alongside new improvised collaborations with colleagues such as Stefan Neville, Beth Dawson, Chris O’Connor and Paul Buckton and first time musical meetings with guitarist Kathleen Tomacruz and visiting Italian musician/composer Luciano Chessa.

Each night presents a different facet of Daniel Beban’s artistic repertoire and promises a fascinating and compelling overview of one of New Zealand’s most prolific and significant sound artists.



Guitars: Tuesday 29 May at The Audio Foundation, 8.00pm
Daniel Beban & Paul Buckton
Daniel Beban & Kathleen Tomacruz
Daniel Beban & Phill Dryson
Daniel Beban Guitar Quartet

Noisy: Wednesday 30 May at The Wine Cellar, 8.00pm
Daniel Beban & Stefan Neville (Pumice)
The Weedeaters (Daniel Beban, Jeff Henderson, Jonny Marks)
Daniel Beban & Bonehead
Daniel Beban & Beth Dawson (Ducklingmonster) & Liz Matthews

Tech hacking: Thursday 31 May at Audio Foundation, 8.00pm
Microsoft Voices (Daniel Beban, Nell Thomas, Jonny Marks)
Daniel Beban & Luciano Chessa
Daniel Beban & Hermione Johnson & John Bell
Daniel Beban & Chris O’Connor

At BORDERLINE FESTIVAL: Friday 1 June, The Wine Cellar, 8.00pm
Orchestra of Spheres (Daniel Beban, Erika Grant, Nell Thomas, Riki Gooch)
In association with The Wine Cellar

Headlocks: Saturday 2 June at Audio Foundation, 2 – 4.00pm
The Rubbernecks (Daniel Beban – guitar/electronics, Chris O’Connor – drums, Anthony Donaldson – drums)

At BORDERLINE FESTIVAL: Saturday 2 June, The Wine Cellar, 8.00pm
U M U (Daniel Beban, solo prepared turntables)
Stinging Nettles (Daniel Beban , Tom Callwood, Anthony Donaldson)
In association with The Wine Cellar


Daniel Beban’s residency coincides with his exhibition The Middle Kingdom – Made in China 2002-2017 which runs until June 2 at the Audio Foundation.