Autumn 2022 Artist in Residence: Vor-stellen

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The Audio Foundation is delighted and excited to host Vor-stellen as our Autumn artist in residence, our first residency of 2022.

Vor-stellen (Brendan Moran, Stephen Reay and Jared Johanson) is a three piece improv / experimental group blending motorik guitars and drums with looped vocals and ad-hoc electronic layers to produce perforated waves of uncanny earthly sound that echo off the fourth wall.

Steve and Brendan have worked together most recently as avoid!avoid. Their album Particle and Wave was released on Flying Nun in 2016. With Jared they form three quarters of the band The Subliminals which has also released music through Flying Nun, and last year re-released a vinyl edition of their album United State.

In a way Vor-stellen pick up where their other projects left off and they seek to transform pre-determined ideas of music into open-ended sound objects.

During the residency Vor-stellen seek to record an exploration into a dark ecology of long-sound via energetic environments of modulation and improvisation, to create sonic counterpoints that hinge on a reanimation of musical gestures.