Zombi Piano 2: Casio Edition – 09/08/2019

poaster zombi 2 (smaller)
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poaster zombi 2 (smaller)af web

Zombi Piano 2: Casio Edition

With their crusty digital drums, gnarly synth-bell tones and dog-orchestra sound effects, Casio keyboards have been the instrument of choice for bedroom producers, punks, child-prodigy pianists and your Nana since the early 1980s. Join us as three outstanding local electronic acts celebrate their love for legendary digital watch, clock, calculator, printer, camera, computer and synthesizer manufacturer Casio.


Gogg is the synth-duo project of Auckland underground guitarist/synthesist Pat Kraus (Kraus, Olympus, Maltese Falcons) and scene newcomer Alice Sparrow. Their work epitomises a deeply psychedelic, fresh and intuitive approach to electronic popular music, plundering the wreckage of eighties music technology to create a kaleidoscope of dream-machine rhythms and brain-loop keyboards.

Ducklingmonster is an audio-visual artist from Onehunga. She reimagines out-of-bounds areas through a range of practices, including music, video, comics, and performance, with a focus on disruption. Sonically she utilizes handbuilt and broken electronics, field recordings, presets, drum machine, keyboard, and vocals.


Electronic music by Auckland pianist/organist Hermione Johnson.
“Layer-cake organ in a benzo dream”.


Friday 9 August @ Audio Foundation, doors 9pm