Yek Koo, Rachel Shearer, Thistle Group – 26/11/15


yek koo is the solo project of visual and performing artist Helga Fassonaki (half of free psych duo Metal Rouge), often appearing in a ragged stripped-down cloak of distorted guitar, wailing vocals, pocket trumpet and non-kosher samples. Originally from Los Angeles, her relocation to the East Coast transitioned with the creation of ‘Desolation Peak’. The album marks a classic example of yek koo’s unruly rhythm logic and haunting vocals. Exploring the relationship between space, body, microphone, and air movement, yek koo fosters a language where vocal feedback, horn exclamations and sparse rhythms move with and against each other in space with the vocals sometimes accenting the beats.


Rachel Shearer ~ Auckland-based sound artist Rachel Shearer has a history of influential music groups under her belt including Angelhead, Queen Meanie Puss and her solo Lovely Midget project (releasing records via such pivotal labels as Xpressway, Siltbreeze, Ecstatic Peace!, Corpus Hermeticum and more). Shearer has since developed a public sound art installation practice with a number of long term installation works dotted around Auckland, and continues to perform live under her own name.
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Thistle Group ~ solo siren with tape loop and drum