U R A Tooth + Greg Malcolm/True Bliss & Chris O’Connor – 21/09/2023

09.21 U R A TOOTH

Audio Foundation presents a night of noisy high energy skronk, splatter & splurge to herald the arrival of Spring.


1 – U R A Tooth is the exquisite mutant corpse of Tooms (Dorian Noval & Nich Cunningham), sax blubberer Jeff Henderson and extremo drum smasher Alan D. Jones.. their recent release on iiii records was thusly described “Carving out their own sweet spot between searing no wave heat, Boredoms-level yowls, bowel-releasing free jazz blowouts, grunty ur-punk and ultra-heavy psych” UTR

2 – Two of Aotearoa’s most distinctive electric guitar stylists Greg Malcolm (Chch) & True Bliss aka Drew McMillan aka Bonehead perform together for the first time with the nimble assistance of genre-crossing drummer Chris O’Connor.


$15 on the door
$10 presales from UTR
members free