THE PREAURICULAR PIT: Outer Space Food Fight / Soft Rock / Slow Attack – 10/11/2022


Audio Foundation’s monthly experimental electronic night resurrects for another night of sonic voyages…
Outer Space Food Fight
Cosmic sounds from Rosie Langabeer & Neil Feather, sample heavy electronic dance duo from the far edges of the outer regions of the solar system.
Soft Rock
Experimental solo project of Alice Sparrow (Gogg), playing broken keyboards Alice combines semi improvised ambient explorations with mutant pop riffs.
Slow Attack
SlowAttack is a Latino – New Zealand (Auckland) based electronic musician, creative director and sound designer.
The concept of the individual journey and emotional response is crucial to SlowAttack, and this shows in his video and audio composition. Modular Synthesizers, samplers and drum machines are part of the SlowAttack set-up. The Noise, Drones and Textures create the soundscape of his performance.
Thursday 10 November @ Whammy Backroom, doors open 9:00PM
Tickets $10 on the door + presales $8+BF from UTR
Wearing a mask inside gigs is an easy act of kindness that makes the event safer for everybody, respects the livelihoods of staff + musicians that entertain you, and supports protecting vulnerable people in our community. Please consider wearing a mask, and heal up at home if you are feeling sick.