Tom Cadillac / Paul Smith – 25/06/13


Vitamin S and Auckland Festival of Photography present 4 nights of improvised music with projected images and dance.

To help to celebrate more than 10 years of Vitamin S, and to follow up the festival last December, Vitamin S presents an exhibition and a series of performances. The exhibition coincides with Auckland Festival of Photography and includes documentary photos from Vitamin S performances from 2004 onwards, as well as personal work from members. Exhibition opens Mon 3 June at the Wine Cellar.
Exhibitors are: Paul Buckton, Eva Cadario, Tom Cadillac, Ivan Mrsic and Derek Tearne.

Performances at the Audio Foundation every Tuesday in June featuring:

Tues 4 June :
Ivan Mrsic Projection Band – Ivan Mrsic, Phill Dryson, Hermione Johnson , Torben Tilly , John Radford, Jeff Henderson
plus dance from Joshua Rutter and Kristian Larsen

Tues 11 June – Karin Hofko, Markus Hofko, Ivan Mrsic

Tues 18 June – Tom Cadillac / Paul Smith

Tues 25 June – Tom Cadillac / Paul Smith