Three Words Comic Anthology (Auckland launch event) – 05/03/2016


Please join us as we celebrate the launch of Three Words!

“Women in Aoteroa New Zealand make comics. They make slick professional comics and homemade crafty ones. Some are conventionally attractive, and some are beautifully ugly. Some have logical linear narratives, and some are cerebral, visual, leaping swirls. There are big proud comics, and small humble ones; widely distributed comics, and one-offs; comics that are deep and meaningful, and some that are light and silly. There are physical, emotional and intellectual comics, intentional and accidental comics, happy, sad, funny, angry, scary, confusing and wondrous comics.

For some it may be a surprise to find so many comics by women cartoonists, since conventional wisdom would have us believe that the comics scene is a boys’ club. But it’s no surprise to us. Although women’s comics haven’t been represented much in New Zealand history books, they have been found in zines and magazines, tumblrs, twitter feeds, shoe boxes, art galleries, painted on old tea trays and brochures, magnet-ed to fridges, tattooed on forearms. And now they’re also here. In this book. A whole bunch of them, up front, visible, available and making history.

Three Words is an anthology of Aotearoa/New Zealand women’s comics. Published by Beatnik, it features the work of 65 diverse comic-makers, and is edited by mself, Sarah Laing and Rae Joyce. The book has two main (related) aims; to make women’s comics more visible, and to foster a sense of community amongst makers. The book’s 300(ish) beautiful full colour pages and is the first of its kind in this country.” – Indira Neville

Please come help celebrate the arrival of this historic book, and enjoy an evening of entertainment provided by a bunch of the book’s brilliant contributors.

w. performances by….

• The Doll!
• Rachel Shearer
• Ducklingmonster
• Ralph

Also poets….

• Andra
• Rachel Fenton
• Raewyn Alexander

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