Workshop: the smartphone as instrument – 1/08/2020

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This workshop, presented and facilitated by Kristian Larsen in association with the Musical Electronics Library, will explore ideas around using your phone as an instrument in performance. Using various apps, native speakers built into the phone, bluetooth speakers, and microphones, we will set up ensembles & mini orchestras to improvise with sound, respond to each other and to the space itself at the Audio Foundation. Many of the apps recommended in this workshop will use the accelerometer / x y axis to use simple movement of the phone to generate sound and are super easy and fun to operate


You will need:
1. A smartphone (any generation, bluetooth capable is desirable but not necessary).
2. Wifi is available at the Audio Foundation however it is recommended to have enough data to download apps that are well under 100mb in size (NB: many apps used in this workshop are free to use, some are exclusively IOS, some exclusively android, some are on both platforms)
3. Preferably bring a bluetooth speaker if you have one or can get one. If you don’t have one we have other options within the workshop setting.
4. A willingness to be playful!
Suitable for anyone with a phone who likes making noises, you don’t have to know anything about music or be especially tech savvy to participate!


Saturday 1 August @ The Audio Foundation
From 1pm // this workshop is provided on a koha basis