The Preauricular Pit: Veale Moss, Hasji, Citacsy – Friday 19 July


You hear a shrill call coming forth from the horizon, the buzzing of a thousand electrical circuits, the earth begins to shudder, the dirt right in front of you begins to ripple and fall away, like the mouth of the earth opening, a dark pit gapes before you, you lean forward ever tentatively and look down, far below you can just make out the glow of a thousand LEDs, something calls out to you, the Preauricular Pit has returned…. with three portals lining its walls of stone….

V e a l e M o s s
nice moments in a deep gritty cave

H a s j i
a breath of fresh air in the mountains

C i t a c s y
slow walk through the city in the wee hours of the morning

Friday 19 July @ Audio Foundation, $10 presales from, $15 door sales, AF Members Free on the door!!