The Preauricular Pit: True Bliss Experience with Simon O’Rorke, Flowerstream, PASH – 11/05/2023


True Bliss Experience with Neil Feather – Skronkin’ power trio of Andrew McMillan (guitar), Sean Martin-Buss (bass) & Alan D Jones (drums). They will be joined by visitor Simon O’Rorke. Simon O’Rorke discovered improvised music while a student in London. After emigrating to New Zealand, from 1992 he formed free improv ensembles in Wellington, at a time when activity in the genre appeared to be otherwise non-existent in the city. Simon’s openness to collaboration and his singular approach to spontaneous music making influenced a generation of New Zealand improvisors, his playing sessions becoming somewhat a right of passage for younger musicians exploring free improviastion.

花溪 (Flower Stream) are a Chinese/Pākehā/Māori duo based in Tāmaki Makaurau.
花溪 weave a sonic fabric of traditional and contemporary in their improvisational journeys. The guzheng, drums, gain, reverb, noise and bass blend in an ever-evolving tapestry of sound, creating a unique and dynamic soundscape.

PASH are Peter and Lucola who fled the US and found solace in the Waitomo caves where they threw their own pandemic party and launched their new Record label (Waitomo records) and band: PASH (as previously mentioned)
Peter and Lucola had been pals for many years but not played music together until they were forced to out of sheer boredom. The results were undeniably, irrefutably, inextricably, irrevocably fairly swell.
From Waitomo to Marakopa to Whangapoua to Parnell to New York City, PASH have been cooking up fresh jams at an expeditious pace with no sign of losing vitality in spite of their mature years…
When not designing perfume bottles for Selena Gomez and Arianna Grande Peter likes to take long runs through the bush and noodle on his guitar and whip up some chill beats to bug out to. Lucolas main passions are the NBA and cryptocurrencies but synthesizers come in at a close 3rd. This mishmash of a lifestyle allows these modern day nomads to traverse the globe aimlessly and set up their musics in random homes, engaging in their creative pursuits with gay abandon.
Why not.


Thursday 11 May

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