The Preauricular Pit: ABG (Pōneke), Panadol, Josh Taylor and Sean Martin-Buss – Friday 17 May


You hear a shrill call coming forth from the horizon, the buzzing of a thousand electrical circuits, the earth begins to shudder, the dirt right in front of you begins to ripple and fall away , like the mouth of the earth opening, a dark pit gapes before you, you lean forward ever tentatively and look down, far below you can just make out the glow of a thousand LEDs, something calls out to you, the Preauricular Pit has returned….

ABG is a Pōneke-based musician, producer, and radio host. A drummer by trade, Josh (Recitals, SODA BOYZ) began producing under the ABG moniker to avoid having to try and play in time. Their string of releases via imprints such as the Big Fresh Collective highlight a penchant for kicks, breakbeats and sub-rattling basslines. Their performance at Audio Foundation will see them corralling an ensemble of drum machines and synthesisers into a stream of rough and ready improvised techno.

emerging from the muggy depths of the sulphuric swamps, 3 undermedicated, over-stimulated gorgons erupt from the mouldy undergrowth, creating a cacophonous journey to your next cephalalgic attack to which there is only one cure. PANADOL. Take as directed to relive the pain.

Josh Taylor

I am a composer, multi-instrumentalist and improviser from Tāmaki Makaurau whose practice can best be described as:

1) Exploring liminalities of noise vs pitch

2) Exploring liminalities timbre vs harmony

3) Exploring liminalities of silence vs beginnings vs endings of sounds

4) Exploring temporality through long durations

5) Exploring determinacy and indeterminacy

My compositions have been recorded by members of the Auckland Philharmonia Orchestra, violinist/violist Mark Menzies, pianist Pascal Harris, the Westlake Symphony Orchestra and the NZ Trio. I am a regular at non-idiomatic collective Vitamin-S.

with Sean Martin-Buss!

Friday 17 May @ Audio Foundation, $10 presales from, $15 door sales, AF Members Free