The Preauricular Pit: Autoangel, Fern, Nightmare Honey – 09/11/2023

Fingers wriggling… Heads bopping… Writhing in the darkness… November’s The Preauricular Pit will be sonified by…

Fern is a producer/dj based in Tāmaki Makaurau.
Their work explores the space between analogue and digital electronics, bridging DACs, ADCs and transistors to realize maximum rave stereo soundsystem.

Nightmare Honey is a musical project headed by Raine incorporating the philosophy of variety being a spice of life. The first release is a tangle of LO-FI Emo, Goth drones, and garage noise put together with the help from Sam Denne, Ary Jansen, and Witchy. A follow up sophomore album switched it up entirely with EDM, Breakbeats, and hyperpop with more collaborations from artists Deepstate, Baby Zionov, DJ Shitshow, Amamelia, and Morgan Harvester. A third album was recently put out which focuses on ambient, noise and haunting doomscapes, completely changing things up again. No performance is the same so come take your Nightmare Honey <3

AUTO ANGEL (fka bb gurl)
Auto Angel is a Tamaki Makaurau based artist making self described \Transcore Cyberpunk\ music. A blend of pop, electronic, noise, hardcore punk, hip-hop and R&B. Harsh supersaws, big 808s, and a mixture of luxurious pop melodies and ear-piercing screams all come together in a beautiful cacophony that exemplifies their music. Their live performances are electric and full of energy, sure to get your blood pumping.
Thursday 09 November
Audio Foundation
Doors 8PM
$10 on the door, $8 presales + Booking Fee from UTR, or free if you’re an Audio Foundation member more info on becoming a member here