The indescription of a beginning – An invitation to a discussion – A (re)shaping of the Free University Aotearoa – 30/04/15


An open discussion forum

All we have is a time and a place, an open and malleable space where we might begin. A space we would call free, gratis, open to all, and with nothing asked of anyone, but open to the possibility of participation. Which is to say that the Free University is free, libre, without conditions, beyond constraints and guided by nothing more than this simple and forever negating constant that is, only in so far as it is not.

So, we ask you to join with us in beginning, what has already been begun multiple times, but is constantly being reformed. We ask you to join with us in a discussion that will map and remap a new kaupapa for this iteration of the Free University.

It will begin with some short provocations from us – ideas around education, research, decolonisation, and subversion of power
From there, we invite you to join with us in discussing our present and the radical possibilities of change that something like a Free University makes visible.

Fuck the University – Now here we begin again, the Free University Aotearoa

Thursday, April 30th 6 – 8 pm

Audio Foundation
Sub-Basement of the Parisian Tie Factory,
4 Poynton Terrace (Off Pitt St or behind St Kevins Arcade)
Auckand Central