Audio Foundation presents: The Coolies & The Futurians – 16/06/2018


Audio Foundation presents: The Coolies & The Futurians


The Coolies are a legendary and unpredictable trio. Since 1997, these enfant terribles of NZ punk have blurted random batches of high order garage spew. Without resorting to formal revisionism, they’ve managed to take the basics of the early Rough Trade sound and smudge it with fingers dipped in the art-readymades of NZ’s underground pop groups and their own fevered experimentalism. Through sheer weirdness and strength of vision, they create music which parallels aspects of underground noise from the forests of Olympia Washington, to the squats of West London, and basements of Dunedin.

The Futurians have been cranking oddball noise out of Dunedin since before your mom even heard of the town. Originally assembled by Beth Dawson (aka Ducklingmonster) and Pat Kraus (aka Kraus), the sci-fi-punk-astro-juggernaut quickly absorbed Clayton No-one (aka CJA), ISO-12 (replacing Kraus)) and Sean Norling (aka Rocko Mandroid) like so many parts of some awesome spacecraft. They recently released their second LP, Distorted Living, via US label Feeding Tube Records, and have an impressive back catalogue of CDs, CDrs, tapes and lathe cuts. The label described Distorted Living thusly: “Distorted Living is a flat-out hoseload of cosmic gas from its first grunt ’til its last. Knowing their visuals solely from their packaging and Youtube, I can only say that they look like they’d pass for great space hippies on a late period episode of the original Star Trek. And the way they compress the psychedelic thrust of their sonics makes one think this whole album may have been recorded in an air lock […] If some sentient lasers decided to start a band it would probably sound a whole lot like Futurians.”


w. Executive Zone


Saturday 16 June @ The Dog’s Bollix, 8.00pm
Tickets available via and at the door