Territorial Credence: the Evasion of Water Babies w/ Glasgow, Career Girls, Nick Graham, $noregazzm & the Light Of Gaia Revealed – 29/06/13

Territorial Credence


7pm start

As symbols ebb from the saintly muck of Revelations’ contrived promises, dismal and celebratory sounds scatter through the pre-frontal cortex of the unified self. They emerge with a Hidden Power [((H + A + D + S + X + Y)/ 4)mathfloor], spitting and spinning with bosonic superfluidity.
Henceforth names arise in digital form from the poster-world palimpsest of an intriguing and unamused soundscape/

Glasgow- Lost in a time-field of imagined ancestry, Glasgow cobbles new worlds from forbidden favourites and a college-crush on a Catholic classmate. Occasionally reveling in distorted apotheosis, MPD fervour also subsides to the blown-out breakcore drivel of Satan.
Career Girls- Combining haunted duende with ritzy technicolor genre aberrations, a glowing face emerges from the preeminent mania of a drive-by sonic-collision system. Whistling the tune of a tropical canopy with one eye and whispering the maladies of life with the other, the face glowers then smiles, tongue pointed to the eclipse.
Nick Graham- Teetering on the brink of an amorphous DIY cornucopia, cacophonic bleeps liaise with oscillated whale-song. The statues of Grimace arising from the crackling forest dismantle themselves to feed the small mammals gathered at the edge of the blaze. Sightings of a levitating embryonic platypus are often observed.
$noregazzzm and the light of gaia revealed- Melding the beauty of experience and the pain of semiosis, birds of fantastic plumage ascend above a new Pangaea. Scintillating crescents shimmer in the sky whilst the heart of the world beats to the time of its own mystery. Bulbasaur will be there.

And so the die are cast amongst the fata morgana of auricular hyperthermia, rejoicing and realigning in arcane configurations; never pausing to reveal their sides are blank!