The Stinging Nettles, Drorgan, Kraus – 20/07/2019

af wev

The Stinging Nettles are a trio of Wellington’s most ear twisting improvisors. Guitarist Daniel Beban (Orchestra of Spheres, Imbogodom), bass player Tom Callwood (Phoenix Foundation, the Woods) and drummer Anthony Donaldson (Teeth, Melancholy Babes) meld power trio energy music with abstracted psychedelic twang’n’bangery to create music which feels strikingly original yet somewhat familiar. The band deftly slides and swoops through a landscape where every sound and structure is absorbed into a free flow of real and imagined species-consciousness!


Drorgan are the duo of Hermione Johnson (organ) and Ben Holmes (drums)..slow stompy boogie, ripping skipping larks and noisy soul ballads!


Kraus is Kraus is Kraus is Kraus – travelling the cosmos with a screaming electric guitar!


Saturday 20 July @ The Wine Cellar, doors 8pm
Tickets available at Under The Radar