Steve Beresford (U.K.) – 14/12/2016


Steve Beresford started playing piano at age 7, studied the classical repertoire of the instrument and was encouraged to investigate orchestral music (through the trumpet) at age 15 in preparation for reading music at university. Though playing the Hammond organ in a soul group offering covers of Otis Redding, Sam and Dave and Motown hits occupied much of his time and most of his enthusiasm, he still was persuaded to study music at York University. On completion of his course, he stayed in York, working in theatre groups and working men’s clubs, but also playing improvised music and promoting it, putting on, for example, the duo of Derek Bailey and Han Bennink at the University.

Since moving to London in 1974, Beresford has been involved in hundreds of music projects, working across the full spectrum from free improvisation through jazz-based material to pop, reggae and MOR songs and on to fully scored music for films and dance.

On improvisation, he has said, ‘Being involved in improvised music was the single most important factor in developing my understanding of music. Playing improvised music was a liberating force, a culture where you could ignore conventional rules, build up and formulate your own individual technique.’
Steve Beresford is perhaps best known – for his early activities – as a member of Alterations. This group began in 1977, comprised Beresford, Peter Cusack on guitars, David Toop on flutes and Terry Day, drums, percussion, and lasted for nine years. At around the start of Alterations, Beresford was a member of one of the earliest versions of Derek Bailey’s Company and he performed at one of the last London events, in 1994, with The Shaking Ray Levis and Roger Turner.

Some of his other work in improvisation has included working with Han Bennink, Michel Doneda, The Shaking Ray Levis, Roger Turner, Anthony Braxton, George Lewis, Michael Vatcher, Ab Baars, Wolter Wierbos, John Butcher; a variety of work with John Zorn, Ikue Mori, Arto Lindsay and Christian Marclay, Butch Morris, Paul Lovens and Ellery Eskelin to name but a few.

Wednesday 14 December @ Audio Foundation, doors open 8.00pm.
$10 // no presales

Steve Beresford is presented in New Zealand by Vitamin S