Sound Quackery with Dr. Rosie, Drought Spa (U.S.A.) – 14/06/2016


Yet another exciting show, this time on a Tuesday evening!

Drought Spa (U.S.A.) – is alex cruse and Kevin CK Lo.

alex cruse is an Oakland-based writer, artist, and educator, whose work synthesizes poetry, video, installation, and new media. She is interested in systems of governmentality/surveillance as social modalities; technology’s capacity to both build and dismantle informational and linguistic structures, and the politics of representation produced therein.

Kevin CK Lo is a composer, choreographer, writer and artist living between Oakland and Melbourne. In his compositions for live performance and installation, he utilizes instruments, digital sound processing and generative programming environments to examine spatial and auditory sensitivities, topological structure and audience kinesthetic response while seeking to corrupt conventional compositional/performative/installation rationale.

Sound Quackery:
From Dr. Rosie:

“Hello my dears and dearests.

June 14th will mark the 6th night of the experimental investigative sound research data collection activities that have been forming the basis of my research project Metamorphaeces.

Please join us at the Audio Foundation for more rigorous testing, experimentation and valuable data collection.

This week’s topics:
Practical application of time-travel as a sonic solution to musical problems.
Effects of oxygen and carbon dioxide on sound.
Testing of quick sonic recipes for the time impaired.
Presentation of data from the previous lab.

This ‘Performance’ is highly RIGOROUS and fully carried out by QUALIFIED PROFESSIONALS, endorsed by the Ear-Brain INSTITUTE and legitimized by the engagement of UNPAID interns.

DISCLAIMER: The ATTENDEES indemnify, defend, save, and hold the DOCTOR, her heirs, executors, administrators and assigns harmless from and against any and all liability, charges, costs, expenses, claims, and/or other loss, including reasonable attorney’s fee, whatsoever they may suffer by reason of the Performance furnished hereunder.
Any data collected at the Performance may be used for analysis and/or experimentation in future labs and notification or permission of lab attendees, their families, next of kin, friends, acquaintances, or other people they don’t know at all will not be requisitioned, insofar, in perpetuity, and whatnot, hereafter.”

Tuesday 14 June @ Audio Foundation, doors open 8pm
$10 on the door // no presales