Sonic discourse #3: a reading / listening / discussion group – 12/06/2018

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A reading / listening / discussion group dedicated to contemporary sonic discourse. Open to all.


In this session we will discuss two texts by Brandon LaBelle, ‘Dirty Ideas’, and the final chapter of his book, Acoustic Territories: Sound Culture and Everyday Life, ‘Sky: Radio, Spatial Urbaism and Cultures of Transmission’.

In Acoustic Territories, “Labelle argues that everyday acoustic life has an unbounded, yet highly differentiated, nature which offers new interdisciplinary modes of thinking to contemporary questions of global inhabitation, relation and disruption. In doing so, he makes a valuable contribution to the expanding field of sonic research”.
– Peg Rawes, Bartlett School of Architecture, UCL, London.

A copy of texts can be downloaded here.


The session will be massaged by Jared Wells and Sam Longmore.

We will also discuss directions the group might take in future sessions, potential readings and appealing themes, and alternative times / days of the week where sessions might take place.


Tuesday 12 June @ Audio Foundation, 5.30pm