Sonic discourse #2: a reading / listening / discussion group – 17/04/2018

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A reading / listening / discussion group dedicated to contemporary sonic discourse. Open to all.


In this session we will discuss Nick James Scavo’s curious End-of-Year essay, 2017: Traditional Music of a Wrecked Species – Dredging new instruments out of bad technology, published by Tiny Mix Tapes

Over the course of the text, Scavo highlights several standout releases from 2017, contextualising them in relation to the political, social and economic events which provided a background for their creation. In doing so, what is provided by the author goes beyond a superficial list of context-less of personal favourites, instead giving a profound account of a turbulent year and focused reflection on how key themes manifest and influence the work of leading contemporary artists / musicians.

During this session, we will listen to some of the works discussed in the text, while also discussing our takes on the year now passed.


A copy of these sections of the text can be found here.


The discussion will be instigated by Jared Wells and Sam Longmore.


We will also discuss directions the group might take in future sessions, potential readings and appealing themes, and alternative times / days of the week where sessions might take place.


Tuesday 17 April @ Audio Foundation, 5.30pm