Sonic discourse #1: a reading / discussion group – 17/02/2018

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A monthly reading / discussion group dedicated to contemporary sonic discourse. Open to all.


In this session we will consider the introduction and first chapter of Seth Kim-Cohen’s 2009 publication, In the Blink of An Ear: Toward a Non-Cochlear Sonic Art. In this text, Kim-Cohen argues for the need of a ‘conceptual turn’ in the field of sonic art, akin to that which characterised visual, gallery-based practices in the years following WWII. In doing so, Kim-Cohen draws parallels between visual arts, thematic staples of modern critical and philosophic thinking, and key moments in the development of ‘sonic art’ as a field of operation.

A copy of these sections of the text can be found here.


The discussion will be instigated by Jared Wells and Sam Longmore.


This being the first session, we will also discuss forms the group might take, and alternative times / days of the week where sessions might take place.


Saturday 17 February @ Audio Foundation, 2.00pm