Songs of Rupture Tāmaki Performance Series 03 – 21/10/2023


Every form of life compulsively defies boundaries and humans are no different.


In a convergence of digital media and critical discourse, David Green’s installation, Songs of Rupture, interrogates a plethora of human-driven hyperobjects, by providing a platform for the clash of perspectives on pressing societal matters across the globe.

We will mark the conclusion of this exhibition with a series of live performances curated by Ro Rushton-Green. At these events local musicians will respond to the fragmented visual narratives, producing soundscapes that resonate, challenge, weave through and enrich the installation.


Night 03
Saturday 21 October, 5pm

Sean Martin-Buss/ Maurice Reviol
Hermione Johnson / Ro Rushton-Green / Ben Holmes
Alan Jones / Johnny Chang