Social Shun, Chris Caukwell, Shima, Magic Mountain (Feeding Frenzy Fridays) – 11/09/15

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Social Shun ~ Social Shun was formed to release tension,free speech and free thought. I have been making music for a few years using Reason 3/5 .Im not stuck in one Genre I just make what I think sounds good in my head. Music to me should have no boundaries or limitations.Its about expression and freedom,a window into the soul.

Chris Caukwell ~

Shima ~

Magic Mountain ~ Magic Mountain (Hermione Johnson and Pat Kraus) extract glowing orbs of metaphysical fire from old synthesizers and balance them delicately on the wind to create a downy pillow for your aching soul/butt.

image by Bryan Olson


Feeding Frenzy Fridays – AF Experimental Variety Show!

Every Friday 8pm

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Let us know if you wanna play at an AF Friday!