Simon O’Rorke (Wlgtn) – Improvisation 3-Night Residency, 11/05/2023 – 13/05/2023


Audio Foundation presents a 3 night performance residency by legendary Wellington improvisor
Simon O’Rorke
May 11-13, 2023 – Audio Foundation

Simon O’Rorke discovered improvised music while a student in London. After emigrating to New Zealand, from 1992 he formed free improv ensembles in Wellington, at a time when activity in the genre appeared to be otherwise non-existent in the city. Simon’s openness to collaboration and his singular approach to spontaneous music making influenced a generation of New Zealand improvisors, his playing sessions becoming somewhat a right of passage for younger musicians exploring free improviastion.

Since the improv scene took off in the1990’s, O’Rorke has collaborated with many of New Zealand’s leading improvisors. Originally a bass guitarist, he has specialised in percussion since 1997 and then, from 2010, synthesizers and software instruments.
O’Rorke has recently started to create software electronic works with a sequencing/composition application he is developing. Against the Tyranny of 4, the resulting work that has been published so far, can be found alongside collaborative improvisations at

For his 3 night performance residency at Audio Foundation, Simon O’Rorke will perform with a myriad of local artists including the power noise trio ‘True Bliss Experience’, Vitamin S alumni Paul Buckton, Darren Hannah and Ivan Mršić, guitarists Kat Tomacruz and Tashi Stewart, modular synth maverick Parks, and acoustic improvisors Francesca Parussini, Hermione Johnson and Drummy.


Thurs 11 May- 8pm – Audio Foundation

Simon O’Rorke with the True Bliss Experience @ Preauricular Pit

Fri 12 May – 8pm – Audio Foundation

Simon O’Rorke with

Darren Hannah – double bass
Paul Buckton – guitar
Hermione Johnson – prepared piano
Tashi Stewart – guitar

Sat 13 May – 8pm – Audio Foundation

Simon O’Rorke with

Ivan Mrsic – invented instruments
Kat Tomacruz – guitar
Francesca Parussini – saxophone
Parks -modular synth
Drummy – drums


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