S. Glass (USA), People Skills (USA) and Ducklingmonster – 24/10/2023


The elements of what is very broadly thought of experimental music have long ceased to be confined
to the works of serious composers and academia. From rock musicians such as Frank Zappa and
Sonic Youth, through soundtracks for mainstream thrillers and sci-fi, and TV shows about paranormal,
to more recent cultural phenomena like ASMR (a kind of NPR-style update on Pauline
Oliveros’s “deep listening” concept) and the TikTok’r known as There I Ruined It (who electronically
manipulates short excerpts of popular musics), this surprisingly inclusive genre can now be
appreciated not solely for its processes and the rigors of performing demanding compositions, and
has an audience, with their ears now trained and their aesthetics stretched, that can enjoy it according
to “how it feels” and other subjective criteria. The austerity that was once posited as inherent to this
music’s nature has been stripped away.

S•Glass’s audio collages combine tape music, processing, voice, found sound, electroacoustics, and
chance operations. Each show is a live mix of prerecorded audio. Live voice and objects are
sometimes incorporated (dental floss, aluminum foil, wind-up toys,  lunch box, cabbage),
accompanied by self-shot video (wobbling textures, out-of-sync layers, general
disorientation). S•Glass is a founder of Bren’t Lewiis Ensemble, Glands of External Secretion, This Is
Yvonne Lovejoy, and was the main driver behind Bananafish. Cesspool of the Angels LP (Minimum
Table Stacks, NYC), and CDRs Thinking of You, Naked and The Butcher of Valencia (l’Esprit de
l’Escalier, SF) are his most recent releases.



People Skills is the solo project of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, artist Jesse S. Dewlow. In the mid
2000s he began to document his experiments in improvised song and sound collage using only found,
free materials. The recordings usually take the form of simple songs, most often employing slow pop
formulas to caricature listenable music. His practice however is informed by deconstructive post-
structural and Fluxus theory and conceptually pulls at the space between automation, art and

Blending budget collage and negligent songcraft, Dewlow’s work is defined by inconspicuous dis-ease
more than by genre. People Skills is his sonic altar to the awkward, isolated reflections of the human
People Skills material has been released by Siltbreeze, Blackest Ever Black, I Dischi Del Barone,
Alien Passengers, Digital Regress and Kashual Plastik among others.

DUCKLINGMONSTER is an audio visual artist from Onehunga, New Zealand. She reimagines out-of-bounds areas through a range of practices, including music,
video, comics, and performance, with a focus on disruption. Publicly, her work has predominantly been in noisy sound, most notably in groups The Futurians, O-Pus and File Folder and as a solo artist. Sonically she utilises hand-built and broken electronics, field recordings, presets, drum machine, keyboard, and vocals.

24 October – Auckland – Audio Foundation with Ducklingmonster  (Tickets from UTR)
25 October – Wellington – Pyramid Club with P Wits
27/28 October – Dunedin – Lines of Flight Festival
02 November – Lyttleton Coffee Company with Bruce Russell