Cancelled… Ryosuke Kiyasu – Snare Drumming as Performance Art – 9/04/2020

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In response to the serious and evolving situation around COVID-19, this event has been canceled.
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Audio Foundation and Sound Explorers present:
Ryosuke Kiyasu – Snare Drumming as Performance Art


Ryosuke Kiyasu began his drumming career in 1995, working with a number of different groups across various styles. In 2003 he relocated to North America seeking to further his experience as a drummer, and to play solo with snare drums. While living in Canada, Kiyasu started the hardcore band, THE ENDLESS BLOCKADE, and then after returning to Japan in 2004, grindcore outfit, SETE STAR SEPT, and free jazz group, KIYASU ORCHESTRA. Since then he has released numerous works and has performed throughout the world, developing a unique style incorporating amplification, feedback, brute force and theatrical humour.

Since 2012, Kiyasi has worked alongside legendary Japanese artist, Keiji Haino, as a drummer in FUSHITSUSHA. His solo work on snare drum explores every aspect of the instrument – skins, rims, top and bottom, hit with sticks, brushes, fingers and fists, soft and hard, slowly or rapidly – mapping the territory of the Snare through sound and performance.


Snare Drumming as Performance Art:
Short bursts of intense energy recall the harsh noise of mid-90s, as well as the regimented displays of traditional percussion ensembles and military bands. As percussion transforms through performance as a drone, the acoustic properties of the enclosing space are elicited – by way of thousands of drum-strokes, room modes and overtones make themselves apparent.



Ryosuke Kiyasu has performed throughout Asia, North America, Europe and the Pacific, including United States of America, Canada, Indonesia, Korea, China, Taiwan, Thailand, Mongolia.


Thursday 9 April @ Audio Foundation, doors open 8pm
$15 presale tickets available from