Rory Dalley IRD (Chch), 10 Acre Block – 25/09/15

IRD 10 Acre Bloc v2 Cropped 2

Vitamin S presents IRD and 10 Acre Block

The Audio Foundation, Auckland
12th September 2015


‘IRD is Christchurch’s Rory Dalley. His performances utilise junk noise and found sounds, music made with broken cassette recorders, unplugged mixers and collapsed drum kits, using few effects and abandoning many well-trodden psychedelic paths.’

cassette, plant, percussion, vocals, cassettes.
infernal residue dynamics, infernal residue departure, inland residue depasture, inframail residue devaluement…
Sounds like…
“Cats, lots of cats, they are wriggling”
“A tiger eating toast. It’s crunchy and he’s tired”
“It’s sharp teeth”
“It’s like ice and water getting hard”
“I didn’t like that music”
“Maybe it’s just a dream”


10 Acre Block ~

10 Acre Block is an Auckland big band institution of noise making improvisation originally formed in 2002. The group reforms to perform new works by the one and only Andrew McMillan.