REEL KIWI UNDERGROUND – three nights of underground New Zealand cinema – 30/10/13 to 1/11/13

Reel Kiwi Underground


The Reel Kiwi Underground filmmakers’ collective is proud to present three special nights of underground New Zealand cinema at Auckland’s Audio Foundation.

Between October 30th and November 1st, the Audio Foundation will play host to three consecutive evenings of short films, live concert-footage and documentaries that celebrate the spirit of Kiwi rock and roll. Each night is a tantalising triple-feature, with the filmmakers in attendance to present their work.

All three screenings will commence with a spoof-trailer created by Wellington-based founder of Stink Magnetic Records, D. Thomas Herkes. These meticulous and hilarious homages to the B-movie aesthetic include “I Kill”, “Robot Wolf” and “ElectriciShe: Electrical Goddess of Death”.

Screenings will also include extensive live concert-footage and rare music videos of seminal Flying Nun groups Skeptics and Fetus Productions. Live conc

ert footage of Skeptics will include much of their famous final gig at The Gluepot, shortly before the death of singer David D’Ath from leukemia in 1990. This footage will be presented by Simon Ogston, director of the celebrated NZ International Film Festival documentary about Skeptics “Sheen of Gold”.

Each evening also includes feature documentaries about alternative and innovative New Zealand bands. These include “Rumble & Bang!” (NZIFF 2011), about 1960s trailblazing group Chants R&B; “Gone With The Weird” (NZIFF 2011), the tragi-comic tale of Squirm and the Christchurch rock scene of the 1990s; “Antarctic Angels and the Unknown Blues”, about Invercargill’s most notorious band and their equally-notorious biker mates; and “Who The Hell Is Ed Gains?”, about Auckland rocker Ed Gains.

This is a unique one-off series of film-screenings that lovers of
New Zealand music, cinema and counter-culture won’t want to miss!

NIGHT ONE – WEDNESDAY OCT. 30th (Total duration: 90min)

“I Kill” (5min, D. Thomas Herkes)
Cursed with deadly lazer-vision, Eric Killman (Richie Venus) has no choice but to kill!

“Antarctic Angels and the Unknown Blues” (50min, Simon Ogston)
The remarkable story of New Zealand’s most notorious band of the 1960s, Invercargill’s Unknown Blues, a well as their equally-notorious biker mates the Antarctic Angels.

“Who The Hell Is Ed Gains?” (35min, Orlando Stewart)
A revealing examination of the unusual life and career of stalwart Kiwi rocker Ed Gains.

NIGHT TWO – THURSDAY OCT. 31st (Total duration: 100min)

”Robot-Wolf” (5min, D. Thomas Herkes)
In outer space a renegade mutant leads the fight against the evil overlords of Planet Robot!

“Chants R&B – Rumble & Bang!” (NZIFF 2011, 60min, Jeff Smith/Simon Ogston)
An unearthing of an essential episode in Kiwi music history, Rumble & Bang reintroduces legendary group Chants R&B, a short-lived garage rock combo that thrived in 1960s Christchurch.

“Fetus Productions – The Perfect Product” (35 min, Jed Town)
A selection of stunning rare music videos from edgy audio-visual pioneers Fetus Productions.

NIGHT THREE – FRIDAY NOV. 1st (Total duration: 95min)

”ElectriciShe: Electrical Goddess of Death” (5min, D. Thomas Herkes)
A giant woman made of pure electricity stalks the streets, destroying all before her!

“Skeptics – Live” (35min, Bob Sutton)
A selection of previously-unseen live performances by seminal group Skeptics. Recorded by Bob Sutton, these include a number of songs from the band’s legendary final gig at Auckland’s Gluepot.

“Gone With The Weird” (NZIFF 2011, 50min, Simon Ogston)
The tragi-comic tale of Squirm, “the little band that couldn’t”, as well as the Christchurch rock scene of the 1990s. Also featuring members of The Bats, Loves Ugly Children and Brother Love.

All screenings begin at 8pm at Auckland’s Audio Foundation – 8 Poynton Terrace (behind St Kevins Arcade). Directors will be in attendance to introduce their films and answer any questions.


Simon Ogston
Phone: 027 2129038