Reading Around Sound (AK); Genre is Obsolete – 23/03/2016


Join us at the Audio Foundation for Reading Around Sound – a monthly reading group run in conjunction with Christchurch’s Auricle Sonic Arts gallery. Each month we’ll meet up and discuss specific texts that present ideas, thoughts, and theories relating to sound activity. All are welcome to attend!

This month’s Reading Around Sound text is Ray Brassier’s essay Genre is Obsolete, which was published in Multitudes, No. 28, Spring 2007.
In this essay Brassier explores noise as a genre or “non”-genre the eludes definition as such, rather operating in a negative dialectic to genre as such.

“…’noise’ has become a generic label for anything deemed to subvert established genre. It is at once a specific sub-genre of musical vanguardism and a name for what refuses to be sub-sumed by genre.” – Ray Brassier, ‘Genre is Obsolete’

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Reading Around Sound is a monthly reading group that endeavours to facilitate theoretical and critical engagement with contemporary sonic practices and related issues through close reading, and ongoing discussion and debate. It is a shared initiative between the Auricle and the Audio Foundation with monthly events in both Auckland and Christchurch.