Pumice, The Antony Edens, Soft Rock, SL – 29/06/2022

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3 Acts! On A Wednesday! At the Wine Cellar!

-Pumice! Stefan Neville has been piloting the band Pumice in various forms since the early 1990’s & since 2017 he has been joined in this pursuit by Jade Farley. The duo are currently playing sore thumbed pop songs & distracted skiffle drones. Their new album “Phylis” is due out on Soft Abuse records later this year.

The Antony Edens! Formerly of internationally acclaimed Oamaru sonic artists Trendees, The Antony Edens has unfurled a new four pack of home-crafted tunes, that may well leave you feeling like an emotional wreck and uplifted at the same time. Hitting the bullseye with the umbrella title GET CATHARTIC!

Soft Rock! electronic ambient space trance from Tamaki Makaurau

SL! Sam Longmore is an electronic musician working in Tāmaki Makaurau. His work combines layers of electronic tone and processed field recording to produce minimalist sonic fields which explore listener experiences of pitch, texture, context and duration. For several years Sam has worked at the Audio Foundation, released experimental music via the mfmp label and performed with increasing infrequency.

Wednesday 29 June @ The Wine Cellar, 8PM
$10 // $15 OTD