Puketiro Superhero (PALMY), Blue Dust Archive (USA), Kraus – 14/03/2024


The Audio Foundation is thrilled to present Puketiro Superhero (PALMY) alongside Blue Dust Archive (USA) and Kraus.

“At once expansive, exhaustive and emotionally algebraic, Blue Dust Archive’s Blue Lilies emerges as a sophisticatedly engineered soundboard, providing home to an exceedingly complex musical ecosystem. It’s one borne of admiration of the “inscrutable and natural genius of life” that Blue Dust Archive, AKA Samuel Christopher, describes as a ‘’symphonic, art-pop epic with spiritual and mystical overtones”.

The New York City-based Christopher says that with Blue Lilies, the core of its delivery hinged on the record’s sound design: its use of space, texture, and environmental interplay.

Christopher’s use of these elements is erudite. In ‘Blue Eternity’, mellifluous vocal sequences are plastered on top of a bell pattern that twists into an unconventional syncopation. The lyrics, however indiscernible, meet percussive samples snapping milliseconds in and out of step. Contorting and unfurling walls of gargantuan, romanesque-sounding spaces come to develop new relationships with themselves throughout the record over and over again.

The record comes four years into Christopher’s career as Blue Dust Archive. What made these different from past efforts, he guesses, was a desire to assert himself and create work that would align with what he wryly describes as the most interesting contemporary push in music at the moment: “that of the sublime experimental pop auteur angel alien freak.”

“But maybe there’s a better way to put that?”

Album “Blue Lilies” now out on Burning Rose Records

Puketiro Superhero (P.S) is currently touring Aotearoa as its latest evolving four-piece ensemble. The band features multi-instrumentalists: Xanthe (Recitals, Mystery Waitress), Fraser (Sports Dreams, First Move), Fi (Soda Boyz, Sects in the City), and Josh (Recitals, ABG, Soda Boyz).

P.S is in the midst of their “Low-key World Tour” showcasing their self-titled debut album at 20.5 shows across the UK, Japan, Korea, Australia, and finally Aotearoa. Their debut album offers a diverse cinematic landscape, with each ensemble iteration delivering a unique performance characterized by improvisation, evolving instrumentation, and interactive engagement with the environment.

p.s Audio Foundation set will have elements exclusively for Audio Foundation :)


Kraus (aka Pat Kraus) (he/him) is a producer of psychedelic music from Aotearoa/New Zealand. Since the turn of the millennium he has released 20 solo albums on labels such as Ultra Eczema and Soft Abuse, and performed in a dozen bands. His recent work melds hypnotic rhythms and day-glo sci-fi sound-design into new forms of experimental and ambient electronics.


Thursday 14 March, 8PM @ Audio Foundation
$12 presales for Undertheradar, $20 OTD
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