Postmoderncore presents; a double album release – 20/03/16

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iamgetangent 01tangent 02tangent 03tangent 04tangent 05the biscuits 01the biscuits 02the biscuits 03the biscuits 04the biscuits 05the biscuits 06the biscuits 07the biscuits 08

With albums by Dead Air Fresheners and Tangent set to be released online via, Audio Foundation and Postmoderncore welcome you to a double album release! To celebrate, the Dead Air Fresheners will beam-in live from their garage studio in Portland, OR, while Tangent and The Biscuits are broadcast back out, live to the internet, via Periscope.

The Dead Air Fresheners, weirdo underground legends of the U.S. Pacific North-West, include a two year old and an eight year old. Their bizarre stage presence, costume, and instrumentation, and their thoroughly bent and unusual musicality made them one of my absolute favourites from that area. – Sam Stephens, Postmoderncore

In the music of Tangent, an interest in chance operations, sampling, field recording meet and mingle while floating at the edge of recognisability.

The catchy, noise-rock-and-good-times racket of dough based band The Biscuits never fails to please.

Sunday 20 March @ Audio Foundation, doors 2pm
The Dead Air Fresheners will be on first at 3pm New Zealand time/7pm Pacific time sharp.
Koha on the door // no presales

The Dead Air Fresheners


The Biscuits