The Projection Band + Fear Up Harsh – 30/06/2017

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The universe to the eye of the human understanding is framed like a labyrinth, presenting as it does on every side so many ambiguities of way, such deceitful resemblances of objects and signs, natures so irregular in their lines and so knotted and entangled. And then the way is still to be made by the uncertain light of the sense, sometimes shining out sometimes clouded over, through the woods of experience and particulars.
—Francis Bacon, The Great Instauration


The Projection Band is back on the road, fully restored, presenting to new media shows, with long improvisations. Big floor- to–ceiling projections, cooking sharp and strong sound, behind soft curtain, allowing spectacle to be itself, scratching, gliding, screaming,, contemplating, experimenting, the beauty of collaboration between three of them, sometimes breaking their signature style, hidden noise world, what can become point of departure, for this fusion flight to nowhere.

The Projection Band:
Rui Inaba – prepared acoustic bass guitar, synthesizer, sound objects
Phill Dryson – prepared electric guitar, synthesizer, sound objects
Ivan Mršić – Loperbow springosonic sink, oboe (sopile), low whistles, synthesizer




Fear Up Harsh is the latest music project of Michael Ferris and Jeffery Gane working with improvisation and live performance. Gane’s percussion is treated by Ferris with various effects processor. Loops and live synthesis fill out the soundscape creating a textural, rhythmic plateau.

Fear Up Harsh:
Jeffrey Gane – percussion;
Michael Ferriss – synthesizers & treatments



Friday 30 June @ Audio Foundation, doors open 8.00pm