OUTLIER FESTIVAL – 16-18/08/2019

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Very happy to announce the OUTLIER FESTIVAL, organised by Auckland-based musicians/artists/makers-happen, Grace Verweij (lskse_, Milk) and Tash van Schaardenburg (Bib Kids, VSSL).


Drag yourself out of the winter gloom and into the underground of our favourite experimental music institution for three days of somatic sound, multimodal musical gestures, constellations of sonic intimacy, and all matter of hypnotic tones, drones and oscillations. Prepare to delve deep as we commune to drown out the psychic noise of a world in peril with 18 of the finest sound explorers and fresh talent plucked from Tāmaki Makaurau and around Aotearoa in a celebration of sonic hues from across the spectrum.


Briar Mead, Citacsy D, Ducklingmonster, Hermione Johnson, Fraser’s Boring Music, Jamie Awakshidar (wgtn), K-Group, Saggitarius A (wgtn), Motte, Nadir Knot, Net Worth, Omit (blm), Rachel Shearer, Ragged Veins, Slitopia, Todd Luffa (wgtn), Totems+Sequentia, Usine (chch)


Friday 16 – Sunday 18 August @ Audio Foundation
$25 weekend tickets at UTR, $15 at the door (per evening show)

Friday 16 August @ Audio Foundation, 7pm (all ages)*
Citacsy D
Net Worth
Nadir Knot

Saturday 17 August @ Offsite Venue TBC (all ages, free)
Rachel Shearer
Fraser’s Boring Music

Saturday 17 August @ Audio Foundation, 6.30pm (all ages)*
Ragged Veins
Briar Mead
Totems + Sequentia
Jamie Awakshidar

Sunday 18 August @ Audio Foundation, 4.00pm (all ages, koha)
Hermione Johnson
Todd Luffa
Saggitarius A

*tickets available through UnderTheRadar.co.nz or at the Audio Foundation door!



Briar Mead

Briar Mead is an experimental musician based in Tāmaki Makaurau. Briar’s work explores the impermanence of sound in space, and works these two mediums thematically (via a medley of genre & moods) in hope of uncovering hidden sonic mansions beyond the walls in which we reside. With Briar’s debut show, they will be incorporating the use of visual manipulation of sound on CRT through ambient collage.

Citacsy CBD

Armed with a plethora of field recordings collected from Auckland city and a synth. Citacsy (Bib Kids, VSSL) invites you to wade through the miasma with an improvised performance fed by the drones of air conditioning ducts and rhythms of water features, street cleaners,
food courts, building sites and walks on the beach. A twisted exploration of everyday acoustics huddled between deep oscillations and the fleeting industrial beats ready to shroud you in its gentle intensities.


Ducklingmonster is an audio-visual artist from Onehunga, Aotearoa | New Zealand. She reimagines out-of-bounds areas through a range of practices, including music, video, comics, and performance, with a focus on disruption. Publicly, her work has predominantly been in noisy sound, most notably in the group The Futurians, and more recently solo. She is is a core member of Tāmaki Makaurau based art collective Uniform. Sonically she utilizes handbuilt and broken electronics, field recordings, presets, drum machine, keyboard, and vocals.


Fraser’s Boring Music

Fraser’s Boring Music is an ambient/drone project focusing on functionality in task orientated activity.

Hermione Johnson

Hermione Johnson is a pianist from Auckland, New Zealand. Her work centers largely on extended and prepared piano techniques, focusing on the timbral qualities of the instrument, and drawing out a range of voices with contrasting patterns and phrases in different registers. As a musician she works across several genres including classical, noise, electroacoustic and free improvisation, and has created music for film, dance and theatre. She also plays the pipe organ, the electric organ and the violin.

Jamie Awakshidar (WGN)

Jamie Awakshidar is a deliciously emo dream-pop outfit based in Wellington. Vocalist and synthesist Aoife Glyndwr (of the Vladivostok-based noise project Kagyrgyn Restoration) and traditional pianist Almaz create powerful, ethereal soundscapes by smashing together classical and baroque techniques with avant-garde psychedelia. Their signature sound is a melting-pot of drone, discarded 2000s pop-punk, and oceanic waves of noise and melody.


solo project of Surface of the Earth’s Paul Toohey. Computerised guitar and synth drones.

Motte (WGN)

Nadir Knot

Nadir Knot create unnerving, ambient textures through the use of grim synths and various electroacoustic noodlings and honkings. It is the soundtrack to a serial killer’s morning paper run.

Net Worth

Somewhere between strained and danceable – Net Worth commandeers modular synth, laptop and outdated electronic instruments, creating a dense atmosphere of dark lows, etherial highs, and clunky rhythms.


Omit (BLM)

Omit is the solo electronic project of Blenheim’s Clinton Williams. Throughout the 1990s a litany of self-published cassettes resulted from Williams’ experiments, hybridizing Throbbing Gristle’s early industrialism and Klaus Schulze’s cosmological tangents and ultimately resulting in a series of catalogue-releases on Corpus Hermeticum and Sysecular Records. The early 2000s, saw Omit move toward the dark ambience of Lustmord (on the double-disc ‘Tracer’ in 2005), and later toward Pan Sonic’s glitch soundscapes (on ‘Interceptor’ in 2008). Live, Omit’s hardware setup sprawls as if a living sculpture – a sight to behold.

Rachel Shearer

Rachel Shearer explores sound through experimental music, installation, writing, audio visual projects and collaborations with practitioners of moving image and performance. Active as a recording and performing experimental musician and sound artist for over 30 years, Shearer has released material over the years with labels Xpressway (NZ), Flying Nun (NZ), Ecstatic Peace (US), Corpus Hermeticum (NZ), Family Vineyard (US) among others. She performs her music at various experimental music and art events. As an artist, Shearer has received commissions for a number of public installations, one of which is permanent (The Flooded Mirror 2011) on the Auckland waterfront.

Ragged Veins

Ragged Veins are an Auckland based two piece that combine crushing percussion and screeching guitar to create harrowing soundscapes intertwined with frightful poetry. They released their first EP ‘That Which Was Taken From You Now Rests In The Hands Of Those You Despise’ in January with a 7” by Independent Women Records (NZ).

Sagittarius A* (WGN)

Sagittarius A* blends digital orbits into analogue distortions in spacetime. They pick up on the more spacial and textural tracks of their electro/dance moniker, Lucky Jim, and further abstract the sound from rhythm and temporality.


Slitopia is an improvisational synth duo. They like to dress up and make spacey horror film soundscapes with their hands and minds.

Todd Luffa (WGN)

Todd Luffa grew up in the woods and on the lakes of Minnesota. Expect environments and loose narratives through pop, noise, and drone sensibilities, textures, repetition, loops, field recordings

Totems + Sequentia

Auckland based producer Totems makes dense, multi-layered tunes that draw on a wide range of influences, ranging from happy hardcore and jungle, to ambient and drone. His live sets can vary drastically – for Outlier, we are treated to a rare collaboration with shy girl Sequentia, as the pair disgorge a jilted aural amalgamation of intimacy, ego and attachment.


Usine (Aus/Chch)

Raised on a diet of Norwegian black metal and early English industrial, Usine has always walked the fine line between audio terrorism, ambient and dance music. Once a mainstay of the late ’90s Hamilton electronic scene, Usine continues to collaborate across the Tasman to produce dark sonic architectures.

Usine will be presenting a unique performance between two collaborators across the seas with a live stream/live stage performance to Audio Foundation from M.E.S.S. in Melbourne, Australia.