Opposire Sex, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, i.e. Crazy – 11/06/2016 June

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We are very pleased to welcome friends from the country’s ‘temperate’ nether-regions to the subtropical AF stage!

Opposite Sex is one of those amazing pieces of ragged art that must be heard to be understood, sounding at times as though they are barely able to play instruments, while displaying at others an unmatched idiosyncratic virtuosity.

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome play the pain and fatigue of the musical doom disease while the disease plays us.

i.e. Crazy is the deranged ex-lover; the batty neighbour spying through the fence; the stranger at the bus stop who holds your gaze that fraction too long. i.e. crazy’s electric folk tales mimic the much-feared (albeit fictional) wandering womb: unashamedly emotional, overwrought; blindly roaming to painful impact. Cracked, hysteric, needy, non compos mentis.

Friday 11 June @ Audio Foundation, doors open 8pm
$10 on the door // no presales

Opposite Sex

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

i.e. crazy