Office Ambience #13 – Anthony Pillette – 12/08/2023

antony pillette

The Musical Electronics Library (MEL) is once again happy to present “Office Ambience” where an artist will perform and talk in the Audio Foundation’s office space about their practice, sometimes using pieces from the MEL catalogue ( Come down for a look and a listen, perhaps ask a few questions, and browse the M.E.L collection.

For this auspicious thirteenth performance we are lucky to be hosting Anthony Pillette, an artist, musician, and teacher at the Fine Arts School of Marseille.

With his collective Resonance Numerique, he builds interactive sound installations and DIY instruments, such as percussionist robots (Chimeres Orchestra) or sound and light synthesizers with solar panels. In terms of software, they mainly work with Puredata, and have developed La Malinette, a set of pedagogical musical and interactive objects. In Auckland, he is in residency at AUT University, where he is working on a scanner synthesizer device that produces sound from scanned images and projects them in real-time, somewhat like a reversed spectrogram. Anthony Pillette is also known as Fenshu for his IDM compositions, and has collaborated with labels such as Warp Records and Wrong Music as graphic designer and musician.

Audio Foundation
From 1-3pm