Nowhere! Festival Audio Overload – 19/10/2018

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Aotearoa’s premiere festival of adventurous and avant-garde sonics is back, bringing more than 50 incredible acts of off-kilter experimentation to Auckland for four days and nights of boundary-pushing sonic bombardment.


AUDIO OVERLOAD : at the Wine Cellar/Whammy Bar – more than 20 acts over 3 stages running simultaneously : Fri 19 Oct – 8pm – late

Divide and Dissolve (Melbourne) – heavy doom duo from Melbourne
Barbara Paterson – extraordinary solo vocalist performing the Berio Sequenza!
Sewage – explosive, skronking Dunedin duo of drums, saxophone, violin and vocals
Gorge – transcendent noise rock from Palmerston North
Francisca Griffin and the Bus Shelter Boys – Flying Nun legend ex Look Blue Go Purple
Piece War – loose, distortion washed guitars, tuff n’ dreamy vocals, perfect melodies, and smart lyrics
Droszkhi – a psychedelic sound world of elliptical loops, discombobulated techno-rhythms, electric pulses, and cosmic drones
Strange Stains – built of droning synths and reverb-soaked vocal lines, conjuring a mood which sits somewhere between the soundtrack to an ’80s horror flick and a lullaby
Fistkisser – enigmatic and mysterious Wellingtonian ambient / drone artist
Bib Kids – fresh faced electro-clash ratbags bring the noise in a big way
Oksun Ox – live finger beats, foot thumping, twanging, moaning, hard out riffs, dodgy singing, casio boogaloo, sound fx to the maximus
Ragged Veins – aching, visceral noise at the intersection of abstracted emotion and personal projection
P.wits – the solo project of Benedict Quilter of Independent Woman Records, and central node of Auckland’s noise community
I.R.D. – junk noise and found sounds, music made with broken cassette recorders, unplugged mixers and collapsed (or collapsing) drum kits
Bruce Russell & Jeff Henderson – two heavyweights of NZ avantgarde go toe-to-toe
Blue Cheese – electro banshee pop
Lost Leader – psychic improv duo gently dismantling and reassembling the universe
Kimmy – solo (sometimes duo) techno-deconstruction


Presale tickets available for $20 :!-Festival-2018.utr
Festival passes available for $30 :!-Festival-2018.utr


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Friday 19 October @ Whammy Bar / Backroom / Wine Cellar, from 8.00pm