AF & Auckland Live present Northern Ranges Philharmonic Society & Cave Circles plays DJ Oboe with guests – 19/12/2019


AF in association Auckland Live with proudly present The Northern Ranges Philharmonic Society and Cave Circles, playing as ‘DJ Oboe’ with guests.

Karamea born troubadour Misha Marks has spent the last decade as a world traveler based in Mexico. Simultaneously enamoured with the diverse traditions of Mexican brass bands and the thriving experimental music and art scene in Mexico City, Misha brings a hybrid of influences to NZ where he will lead a band of local brassieres and percussionists in a rousing chorus of folk tunes, ritual dances and big city bus honk.

Listen to Misha Marks on RNZ, Afternoons with Jesse Mulligan here.

Cave Circles is the moniker of Riki Gooch – drummer and music producer extraordinaire who is joined by long time collaborators Parks, Chris O’Connor and Jeff Henderson. He will perform live interpretations of music by the enigmatic DJ Oboe. Cut-up beats, swirling synths, snaking clarinet and multi-directional percussion glance and glide through space in an enticing audio collage.

Thursday 19 December
5PM – 7PM / Free
Aotea Square

In association with Auckland Live Summer in the Square