NinthWavesound: Kickstarter Launch – 17/10/2019


As part of Art Week, as part of New Sound Perspectives exhibition currently on at Audio Foundation, and as part of my PhD research! this Thursday feminist sound system ninthWavesound will experience her first collaborations with Auckland’s finest DJs…
DJs Janiac, Scarlett, Lady Jane, MISA, Chicaa, Lush and Wendy Douglas are set to immerse you in quality bass heavy vibrations.

[ a.k.a. Jane Treseder, Scarlett Lauren, Karen Trevissick, Jodine Stodart, Wendy Douglas, DJ Laura Lush ]

This night marks the launch of the ninthWavesound Kickstarter to raise funds to build the other half of the sound before summer! T-shirts and posters and things will on display for your investment decisions!

Check out Instagram @ninthwavesound for her journey into existence.

Also, at Audio Foundation, experience works by AUT grad students as a glimpse into some new developments in the Audio Arts in Aotearoa.

Pop in!

Thursday 16 October
Audio Foundation