Nestor Notabilis, Joe McCallum and Paul Buckton, Drew McMillan and Alex Eastley – 25/05/2016


Andrew McMillan / Alex Eastley Duo – Alex Eastley is a bassoonist from Canada visiting NZ to play with the APO. She is joined by Drew McMillan and his Pure Data / Max progammed computer interactive software developing RAM machine

Joe McCallum / Paul Buckton – drummer Joe McCallum is a regular visitor to the AF from his hometown of Christchurch. A gregarious and energetic musician equally at home playing improvised music as alt-Country AND Western music, he is joined by the irrespressible and knotty guitarist Paul Buckton.

Nestor Notabilis – a trio of Rosie Langabeer on piano, Eamon Edmundson-Wells on bass and Jeff Henderson on C saxophones. Kea can solve logical puzzles, such as pushing and pulling things in a certain order to get to food, and will work together to achieve a certain objective.

Wednesday 25 May @ Audio Foundation, doors open 8pm
$10 on the door // no presales