Audio Foundation presents: Mr. Sterile Assembly – 07/09/2018

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Mr. Sterile Assembly (Kieran Monaghan & Chrissie Butler) began as a recording project in 2011. In the 17 years since, the group has worked live in a number of incarnations, at times comprised of up to seven members. Having returned to the pared back dynamism of a bass/drums duo, Kieran and Chrissie continue to build upon their punk rock roots. However, beyond such bare facts as these, and that they’ve toured throughout Australia, Eastern Europe and Southeast Asia, released four albums and a book, the Assembly defy easy definition.

Attempts have of course been made, which have pinned ‘punk’, ‘experimental’, ‘noise rock’, ‘alt rock’ and ‘math rock’ to the evolving ensemble. For Monaghan’s mind, the group exists in relation to living culture, one which is in a continual state of flux and mutation – a “non-fiction rock band”. In relation to this swirling, surging form, Mr. Sterile functions as just one part of the “cultural conversation”, even if it is bulbous, oversaturated and exaggerated one.

Don’t miss this rare opportunity to witness Mr. Sterile in the flesh – a one of a kind, frenetic / quiet / narrative act of personal, local, extraterrestrial, existential subversion!




OKSUN OX: live finger beats, foot thumping, twanging, moaning, hard out riffs, dodgy singing, casio boogaloo, sound fx to the maximus. Ben Holmes stamps his foot & bellows a passionate croon. He plays keyboard notes with a plastic finger attached to the end of a tiny guitar, which he is also playing. He frowns cos it gets funky.


O/Pus: Octopus olympians. Bass, guitar, drums. Stefan, Beth, Liz. Riff net fishing!


Friday 7 September @ Audio Foundation, doors open 8pm
Tickets $10 from


Mr. Sterile on Up The Punks

Mr. Sterile Assembly, It’s All Over (Skirted Records, 2015)

Dreamboat Screams Up The River Of Blood (Stabbies etc., 2016)