Motte, Instant Fantasy, Magic Mountain – 17/10/15


Instant Fantasy (Gemma Syme)

“Songs about tears, getting moist and that sweat you forgot about that happens when you sleep next to another person. Though the songs are sad they give a sense of freedom; post-orgasm after breaking up with someone. It’s all gold for this synth drone ego-miner.”

The Wet EP is available now via


Christchurch solo artist Motto brings her enchanting and hypnotic violin-loop soundscapes to Auckland for the first time. Her “Night Flyer” cassette is available now from Melted Icecream:

Magic Mountain ~ (Hermione Johnson and Pat Kraus) extract glowing orbs of metaphysical fire from old synthesizers and balance them delicately on the wind to create a downy pillow for your lightly scorched ears. Garnished to taste with organ one bill per table please no sharing.

Audio Foundation

Saturday 17 October

8pm start, $10/$5 entry