METAL BODY: an audio-visual work by Luke Shaw – 24/08/2019

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Metal Body is a film work that uses the overhead projector as both the source of image and sound. The work is located in the realm of expanded cinema and concerns the revolutionary potential held within outmoded analogue technologies. The OHP transcends its original purpose to become an audio-visual tool. The film itself draws from the traditions of road movies and incorporates images taken by Shaw on walks around suburban Christchurch. These images are abstracted both visually and through their improvised non-narrative structure. What occurs is an exaggerated warp of time a common trope of road films. Metal Body will be performed with support from fellow Opawa 45’s band member Luke Wood.

Luke Shaw is a sound artist based in Ōtautahi-Christchurch. He completed his Bachelor of Fine Arts with honours in 2018 and has since began his MFA at the Ilam School of Fine Arts at the University of Canterbury. He is a member of the Christchurch noise duo The Opawa 45’s.


With support from:

Ducklingmonster is an audio-visual artist from Onehunga. She reimagines out-of-bounds areas through a range of practices, including music, video, comics, and performance, with a focus on disruption. Sonically she utilizes handbuilt and broken electronics, field recordings, presets, drum machine, keyboard, and vocals.

Ducklingmonster, ‘Parts Of A Flower’ (2019)

‘Passively is Unthinkable’ (2017)


Old Chips
Old Chips is the ambient electronic project of Amelia Berry. Amelia is best known for her work in synth-pop group Polyester, and as a producer under the name Amamelia.

Old Chips, ’13​/​07​/​19 Wine Cellar’ (2019)


Saturday 24 August @ Audio Foundation, doors open 8pm