AF Workshop #2: ‘Magnetti: a pocket magnetic field receiver’ – 13/10/2019


Have you been itching to explore the hidden wonders of the electromagnetic field but are concerned with the health risks of magnet implants? Now you can forgo the surgery and weave yourself into the web of wiggling charge by building the Magnetti magnetic field sniffer!

Audio Foundation proudly presents ‘Magnetti: a pocket magnetic field receiver’, our second in a series of technical workshops hosted by maverick electronic engineer Brett Ryan. This workshop will serve as an introductory lesson in sonifying the geomagnetic environment. The Magnetti consists of a coil of wire to pick up the fields, a receiver amplifier to boost the little wiggles, and a headphone amplifier so you can get out and explore.

In this workshop you will:

  • Learn how to use and care for a soldering iron

  • Be introduced to common components used in all electronic devices.

  • Build your very own Magnetti so you can sonify the blips n whistles, hums n crackles, skarks n whoops, and pekwarks hiding in the aura of your electronic devices

You will need to bring a 9V battery and a pair of headphones.

No experience necessary! We invite people of all experience levels, ages and backgrounds to join us in this special workshop series.

Brett Ryan

Our host Brett Ryan is an electronic engineer who designs assisted breathing machines for hospitals by day and experiments with electronic sounds by night. He is always looking to make improvements to the world around him and as such broken or malfunctioning objects are a point of fascination and inspiration. For the past 5 years he has been designing workshops with the aim of giving people a taste of electronics to build confidence and inspire people to delve deeper.

AF Workshop #2: Sunday 13th October
1pm – 5pm
$35, includes materials

The Audio Foundation Workshop series is made possible thanks to the support of Auckland Council – kia ora!

Numbers are extremely limited, book your place at
Bonus add on: add a soldering iron for an extra $30 and continue the fun at home!

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