LTK4 Allstars & Guests (Germany/NZ Collaborations) – 14/10/2022


Audio Foundation is thrilled to present our international artists in residence in performance with local guests.

Free entry!

Featuring the LTK4 Allstars:
LTK4 is a gallery curated by Rochus Aust and Verena Barié – situated in a tower of an old church in Cologne, it works with a series of ever-changing international guest curators.
“At LTK4, the sound-based analogue and digital arts are understood as open forms of professional artists of every genre with and without genre avoidance.”

Rochus Aust/Köln · trumpet/installation
Verena Barié/Köln · recorder/mixed media ·
Florian Zwissler · synthesizer/sound-objects ·
Levin Eric Zimmermann · resonance-objects/electronics ·

Hermione Johnson – prepared piano
Phil Dadson – invented instruments
Ivan Mrsic – invented instruments
Sean Martin-Buss – trumpet, saxophone
Kristian Larsen – sounds