Longmore X Meek, True Bliss Experience, Do Men Eat Biscuits?, Rat Wraith – 24/04/2019

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AF continues its monthly series at the Wine Cellar!


True Bliss Experience
Andrew McMillan, Isaac Smith and Steve Cournane – a power trio with a difference!

Sam Longmore X Noel Meek
A new collaboration between Noel Meek (violin) and Sam Longmore (electronics). Fields of digital sound are punctuated by staccato stabs of amplified violin.

Rat Wraith
Ro R-G x Josh Greene summon sonics on violin and synthesizer, plumbing the dormant emotional depths of contemporary life.

Do Men Eat Biscuits?
The solo project of Auckland artist, Alice Sparrow. Using a Casio keyboard and loop pedal, Alice creates layers of digital melody and rhythm. In her own words: calculator music.


Wednesday 24 April @ Wine Cellar, 8pm